1. There is a rooster somewhere back there, and he and I are not friends. #outmybackdoor #nola

  2. history of my heart #nola #SundayNightStax #ThursdayEdition

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    The Crescent City, New Orleans

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    Body comparative


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    Mz 007- Important 

    I’ve listened to this at least 10 times since reading about it on For Harriet yesterday. I’m so here for a fat black woman declaring herself important, exuding self confidence, and owning her truth. Here for this movement!  

    LOVE THIS.  

    My fucking JAAAMMMMMM *twerks*

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  7. and then a chocolate drizzle

  9. I don’t know about that ‘never trust a skinny chef’ thing, but I’ll bet on a dirty recipe.

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    Finally done! One of my last projects for my senior portfolio, I drew the top female emcees (at least from late 90s - today) as tarot queens.


    Hail to the Queens.  There are no lights by which we would rather See.

  11. I know you say you didn’t mean it like that, Georgia, and I want to respect that, but… you suuure?

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    Denise Bidot walking for Chromat designed by Becca McCharen 

    photos from Getty Images 

    oh my godddd

    Fat people in minimal futuristic clothing is all I ever wanted. It is my main aesthetic.

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    My anaconda don’t wanna go to class tomorrow

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    The Rumblr’s in-house astrologer, Madame Clairevoyant, presents her latest dispatch from the stars:

    Taurus: You’re going to be so busy this week, busy just building the best life you can, busy growing older, busy growing up. There might be hints of magic and there might be signs of a glowing future somewhere up ahead, but this will mostly be a week for keeping your head, for keeping your feet on the ground, for staying honest. Try to keep believing in your own life. Try to keep believing that all this work matters. Try to get enough sleep. It’s going to be a very good week.

    Today’s image was made specially for Madame Clairevoyant by Jen May.